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"The feeling is always a blessing"

I had really tough period, and when i started do yoga with Tanja, it helped me a lot. Finally i realised that life is beautiful, we can see, we can breathe, and lot of other things. Most important is that, Tanja is very friendly, bright person, it is easy to talk to her. My Heart Yoga classes with Tanja sometimes are challenging (if speaking about Power Yoga and some of Vinyasa flows), but after that the feeling is always a blessing


"It's more than yoga as it comes from the heart

When starting to do yoga with Tanja Novojevska My Heart Yoga I can surely say wonders have happened. Not only to my body but mostly to my mind. Her classes, approach to people who attend them and above all the light she shines via her yoga flows, is something I would recommend to anyone. She offers varied yoga levels and practices, continously builds her own professional mastery and has the ability to run multi-lingual yoga online as if it was face to face.. these and much more are her remarkable assets. It's more than yoga as it comes from the heart.



"Top experience"

Yoga for me is time for clearing my mind while working with the body.I tried many yoga studios. But experience at Tanja Novojevska’s classes Was the TOP, I can surely say that she is special for calming, super nice voice that helps to relax, and friendly atmosphere she creates around her, making group class a wonderful experience


"Not just body workout, but also mind relaxation"

I started following Tanja’s yoga classes since the pandemic started. I love the smooth flow in her classes - not super tough, but challenging enough for virtual practice; not just body workout, but also mind relaxation; not a feeling of distance, but a feeling of inclusiveness and empowerment! I am so thankful to have found Tanja that I can follow and practice together virtually, especially during this endless pandemic, so I don’t fall out of a good routine. I know such a dedication is not easy to keep up, and I surely hope Tanja would continue progressing in her professional practice where more people can be benefited like me.



"Enjoyable, real peace and love"

Last year, during the lockdown my daughter asked me if I could find her online yoga classes. Yoga has never been my practice before. I knew Tanja long time ago, when our kids went to same kindergarten together. She was active and in my opinion, career orientated, smart lady, always so smiley and so happy. Some years later I met her in the gym and it was a big surprise to me that she is a trainer now. Then I found out that Tanja studied yoga deeply, and she was offering yoga classes, which we signed for. My daughter was very shy, and she wanted me to practice together with her. I tried and it was fantastic. Tanja's calm voice, listening to heart, quiet music, inner power & strength made these online classes enjoyable and filled us with real peace and love. I really recommend to take classes with Tanja, if you want to learn yoga with all your heart, understand yourself and find peace and love inside you and around.

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