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Yoga for Singles 90min (ENG)

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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Online Session

Service Description

Yoga for Singles is Vinyasa style of yoga that involves moving from position to position smoothly & seamlessly in a flow. It connects movement to breath and the breath acts as an anchor to the movement as you to flow from one pose to the next, the flow can feel like a dance, and the mind stills as the breath moves the body in movements of expansion and contraction. This class is specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges that single individuals may face in their journey. Through a carefully crafted practice, we will explore topics that are important for singles, such as self-confidence, opening the heart, releasing limiting beliefs, and inviting love into our lives. In this class, we will begin by focusing on our breath, using specific breathing techniques to calm the mind and create a sense of inner peace. As we move through the practice, we will incorporate somatic techniques to deepen our connection with our bodies, allowing us to truly listen to their needs and find greater ease within ourselves. Throughout the class, we will engage in practices and methods that will uplift your spirits, leaving you feeling lighter, more open, and lighthearted. We believe that by creating a supportive and nurturing environment, we can invite love and meaningful connections into our lives. This class is a more gentle style of Vinyasa, and includes flow, balance, strength and breathing techniques. Easier options are provided throughout the class, therefore any level is welcome. Teacher: Tanja Novojevska, 500RYT Location: online in zoom. You will receive the link as per registration: Complexity level: L1-L2 (options are provided, any level is welcome) Duration: 90 min including intro with breathing and relaxation/meditation in the end of the class Price: in general for free, but donations are strongly encouraged Link to register: For donations: Paypal to OR Revolut to Beneficiary: Tatjana Novojevska LT523250072327332400 REVOLT21

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Riga, Latvia

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